20: Dick Chip!


19: Bibio


18: Un Chien Andalou

Luis Bunuel (with a squiggly line above the n) and Salvador Dali's super trippy 15 minute silent film, Un Chien Andalou, came out in 1929 shocking artists alike in Paris. It has no plot, as one would expect from an avant-garde surrealist film, and as such follows a dream-like sequence of moments and experiences. Irrationality and free association pays homage to Frued. We watch the film with no expectations, only with a conceptual mind and an awareness of our frustrations with incoherence. What is beautiful is not found in your relations to the films but instead your perceptions of the artificial associations we make with an already irrational world.To quote Breton, "existence lies elsewhere."


17: Retrospective

25 years ago I was hardly a thought to these people...

Then they got married, had my brother, then me, and now... it's time to celebrate. Thanks mom. Thanks dad. I'm thankful for all that you've done. You guys deserve the best. Happy Anniversary. Love you.


16: I will find you, in the garden, slowing drowing

Chris Clark - Growls Garden


15: I Froze in Passing

Serrated winter wind grapples the surface of my river
Like skin, below, my blood flows where its claws cannot touch me
I will not falter to the cold of things
Because I am hot blooded, I persist, I know no end.


14: My Inspriation



13: Falling


12: Jaroslav Seifert

"how the hand with rings is choking them..."

Seifert was a key figure in the Czechoslovakian artistic avant-garde of the early 20th century. In The Monologue of the Handless Soldier, Seifert expresses political protest (relevant to the development of the Communist party) through the personal experiences of a soldier wounded in the Great War, and religious metaphor. Moving, poignant, and lyrical, I chose to share his touching prose to draw from a conceptualized relevance in our current state of affairs.


11: "it's time to act..."

*video taken down by youtube